Denver RTD, photo by C. Hamilton
Denver RTD, photo by C. Hamilton

About AANW

Map showing gap in rail network in the Greater Northwest. "People Live Here!" superimposed.

People live here!

AANW advocates for the needs of rail passengers in the Greater Northwest (GNW) region of the United States. We build relationships with infrastructure and transportation interests across state lines to promote rail investments that improve economic, environmental, and equity outcomes for our region’s inhabitants. In 2021, All Aboard Northwest was created as the Greater Northwest Passenger Rail Working Group in response to a request from eight US Senators. AANW was registered as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization in 2022.

It is our mission to ensure that all states in the region have an equal voice in the future of passenger rail. As unprecedented Federal funding opportunities move forward, we want to help ensure that everyone is well-situated to take advantage of these funds. Rather than being relegated to the ”in between places” we feel it's imperative that we are able to help lead the conversation.

AANW's vision is for seamless multimodal transportation connectivity for the GNW Region of the United States focused around a robust passenger rail system core. Improved door-to-door connectivity between sidewalks, local public transit, and intercity rail provides economic, environmental, and equity benefits to all, including low-income, tribal, disability, and rural communities; locations where transportation alternatives are limited; and the nearly 30 percent of the population that does not drive.

To continue our vital work throughout the region, we need your help. Please support us today!